These can all fuck off:

Ramsey Bolton, mice, Prince Charles, pot holes, cheap wine, black tights with white shoes, Botox, pouts, lies, weeds in the path, thistles, flat tyres, daily express headlines, CCC digging up every road in the county at the same time, Trump, z list celebs, unique, intolerance, religion, cold callers, Ryanair, Greg Wallace, the current Euro & dollar exchange rate, Theresa May’s dress sense, Oxbridge being allowed multiple entries into UC, British gas, Sky, unjustified price increases, spoilers, Mourinho’s mind games, Klopp’s glasses, Mrs. Brown’s boys, Michael McIntyre, mustard, cucumber, radio1, CFM, and all other blinkered commercial radio stations, insurance ads, Miranda Hart, Victoria Beckham, chav parents who give kids chav names, Brexit excuses, Chelsea flower show on TV, erratic journos, Frederick Forsyth and his obsession with Thatcher, royal correspondents, Bernard Ingram, David Duckenfield, early starts, Kate and Jerry McCann, Sue Perkins and the other one, James fucking Corden, Ricky Gervais, Coleen Rooney, Stuart Broad, Connor McGregor, grammar Nazis, of instead of have, Sarah Cox, Huntsman and Evonik, flags as profiles after terror attacks, nu-metal, Dave Grohl, all boy bands, Beyoncé, can I get, instead of can I have, Saturday night TV, wine wankers, budget insurance, do-gooders, PC cunts, Go compare opera twat, kids in restaurants, kids on holiday, kids, Joanna Lumley, Amanda Holden, TV license fee, child feeding Nazis, impractical jokers, lip sync battle, David Walliams, Derek Acorah, weddings, christenings, spurs, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Paul Burrell, Harry Potter, ticket master, hotel hair dryers, and the word super as a prefix to fucking everything… super annoying… Rik Mayall being dead, Christmas cards, Christmas carols, knackered knees, indecisive women, Audi drivers, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Wars, Christmas, brexit, being 50, the word “super”, Parliament, MPs, Eurozone, duck face, traffic wardens, parking eye, Jose Mourinho, beef jerky, speed humps, Claudia Winkleman’s eye makeup, supermarkets Christmas aisle in august, shit TV, the Kardashians, Kanye West, FIFA, UEFA, FIA, IOC, dogs in pubs, creationism, Jose Mourinho’s face, biased media, fireworks, PPI calls, Alan Pardew, racism, being cold, being 50, menopause, words, piles, Mary Berry’s dirty nails, tractors, speed cameras, lazy learners, working on Sunday, packaging, train conductors, outsourced labour, Bruce Forsyth, The Mail, The Express, right wing rags, representative media, the entire current man u squad, Marouane Felaini, Adam Henson, cats, raspberry seeds, vaping, caravans, Paul Hollywood, Christmas adverts, not being on holiday, Boris Johnson, intolerance, religion, tofu, first person shooters, Martin fucking Tyler, Cushions, jogging, cats, scree, Ainsley Harriett, BNP and EDL, quorn, Moths, butter beans, dust, Golf, the daily mail, eternal bow, Wil.I.Am, big brother, waiting, red things, religion, middle lane monkeys, skippy, dado rails, lies, buses, the French, modern art, pop-ups, game shows, celebrity interior designers, shit endings, Aubergines, Jeremy Paxman, cucumber, the smell of old people, bad backs, 50 shades of Grey, film critics, chavs, conservatives, all MPs, Mackems, polo shirts, fickle football fans, Delia Smith, fare dodgers, creationists, Vanessa Feltz, Emmerdale, Dave’s ex employer, Gentoo penguins, scaffolders, ineffectual parents, tripe, Marzipan, Agatha Christie, Paul McCartney, Daffodils, baked beans, Mondays, Nickleback, fake tan, shit weather, call centres, seagulls, talksport, quinoa, Eamon Holmes, the M6, warm beer, eye tests, soft biscuits, hard pillows, time, apathy, loud adverts, cheap, alcohol-free, maggots, Ryan Renolds, romantic comedies, high fives, the queen, utility bills, Runcorn, ungritted roads, buttercream, tractors, Ant and Dec, cling film, 5am, Giraffes, decaffeinated, Adrian Chiles, Fiat, gravel, bird shit, B&Q, quantitive easing, Somalia, Sep Blatter, Primark, aches and pains, one direction, polyester, cretins, weight watchers, William Wordsworth, Orville, public transport, rola-cola, taxidermy, anyone in marketing, toenails, last of the summer wine, water features, clichés, health food, excess baggage charges, Velma & Daphne, bullying, estate agents, queue jumping, sleet, the sun newspaper, tax, marzipan, Agatha Christie, Paul McCartney, Daffodils, baked beans, Mondays, Nickleback, fake tan, shit weather, call centres, seagulls, talksport, quinoa, Eamon Holmes, the M6, warm beer, eye tests, soft biscuits, hard pillows, time, apathy, loud adverts, cheap, alcohol-free, maggots, romantic comedies, high fives, the queen, the international break, dust, the smell of orange peel, procrastination, caravans, pound shops, jobsworths, banks, boy bands, girl bands, Simon Cowell, Bruce Forsyth, the continuous passage of time, cronyism, haberdashery, hoovers, anaglypta, banging doors, ash, cats, A595 and A596, TV programs with “celebrity” in the title, game changer, re-imagine, outside the box, carnt, going forward, gotten, off of, slaw, Halloween special, should of, have a nice day, enjoy, congrats, oh my god, literally, apparently, so, touch base, gasoline, trunk, two times, mommy, hold the fort, ize, can I get, sulfur, ya know, winningest, decisioned, at the end of the day, adverbs without the ly, yeah no, semper fi, double negatives, affect instead of effect, effect instead of affect, turned around and said, banter, Bantz, totally, absolutely, blue sky thinking, pronouncing consume assume presume pursuit etc with a fucking sh.. Pershute, aluminum, yank pronunciation of warrior and mirror, customer facing, coal face, what instead of which, future proof, and thunk. Cold play, time, butter beans, barm cakes, flies, traffic, X factor, Joe Swash, Michael Parkinson, Halloween and other shit American non holidays, BBC news, cushions, sugar free, Chris Moyles, Noël Edmonds (Yew tree)? Autumn, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, pink wafers, kids in pubs, cyclists, Thursdays, Steve Wright in the afternoon, crap salad, the Proclaimers, nettles, Wimbledon, the close season, not listening, undercooked cauliflower, deadlines, the way Delia Smith pronounces Humus, greetings cards, bad magic, the Northern Irish accent, pundits, the remote control being over there, Prince Charles, rabbits, cabaret, pebbles, Christian Bale in Reign of Fire, Cornish Wafers, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, moles, no coffee, Leeds, clouds, ear wax, celebrity fucking chefs, Argos, automated phone calls, soft furnishings, dandelion and burdock, the self-appointed moral majority, budgies, diet drinks, Dermot O’ fucking Leary, Top Gear, prawn flavour skips, crocs, dust, gardening, jazz, small monkeys, Ukip, the Daily Mail, clouds, eye floaters, Olly Murs, parasites, talent shows, apathy, budgies, pickled eggs, royalty, celebrity adverts, astrology, Mormons, Kenny Rogers, bandanas, Prius, the smell of Lush, aches, IDS, IBS, PFI, GMO, acronyms, Ant or Dec, the self appointed moral majority, movie remakes, the new pronunciation of Ikea, imperial measurements, mushy pears, hard pears, Michael Gove, minion memes, the overuse of the word “literally”, pundits, Rupert Murdoch, ennui, drizzle, quinoa and Nick fucking Berry.