I have no heroes and I only regret things I’ve done, not things I haven’t.

I’m fascinated by human intelligence, the mind and evolution. The universe is so big and so old that it’s a privilege to be alive on this planet here and now, it is our duty to share our thoughts and ideas.

If you try to picture yourself in the universe, between the very big and the very small you would have to place yourself nearer the smaller things. See it as an out of body exercise, try to visualise yourself in the three dimensional environment. The universe is fucking big, so big we have great difficulty in imagining the space it encompasses, but if you really try I’m sure you will do it.

If you take into account the vast amounts of time and space you have just visualised, what portion of that visualisation is you and your life ? It’s a fucking small amount I can tell you. Once you have come to terms with the fact that you are so small and have such a brief time to make your life enjoyable, the rest is a piece of piss. Sit back in your chair, take a fucking big slug of whatever it is you drink, take a big deep breath and thank the star that spawned you that you have the good fortune to be alive on this amazing world.

Bollocks to the day-to-day worries and stresses, bollocks to all the people who give you shit. Fuck bills and deadlines and responsibility and all the other crap that punctuates your everyday life. They are all irrelevancies, to be burned away by the sheer joy of living.