Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

There’s some very weird news this week.

Prince Harry has proposed to an American divorcee, his family seem happy enough, the tax payer less so. Less than an hour after the announcement the tories slid out some bad news, which was lost in the tide of royalist theorising, who what where and when took up over fifty percent of the evening news. It’s as if we were being distracted.

Trump shares unverified videos of violence, re-tweeting a despicable far right group that purports to be pro British. They have a track record of fake news, which makes the orange cretin’s promotion of them even worse. Boris then weighed in with the usual scripted condemnation, except he accused Trump of doing exactly what Boris himself has built his career on. Ill thought out racist shite, spewed in an attempt to win support. The ageing tangerine gibbon is still visiting though, apparently. Being a racist fuck isn’t bad enough to stop a state visit… I suppose when you’ve been on a trip to the Middle East to sell some weapons to a murderous regime, so they can kill women and children in another Middle East country, it would be difficult to take the moral high ground.

The vice chancellor of Bath uni is on a fuck ton of cash. And? You can’t crow about glass ceilings and equal pay, and then whine like a fucking three-year-old when you find out a woman is on more money than you. Come on! Her qualifications would suggest she’s worked fucking hard to get to where she is… and the expectation she would turn down a contract because it was too much money is just fucking bizarre. We should be cheering. Blaming her for higher tuition fees is fuckwittery of the highest order. Vote labour if you want to abolish fees, and that vote will also, ironically, help more women earn more.

Emily Thornberry and Damian Green stood in for their respective leaders in PMQs. It was a vision of a future PM skilfully dealing with an alleged porn fiend. He was no match for her wit or insight. Both our women PMs have been tories, one was an evil fucking bitch, the second is about as much use as a “good guy” with a gun. Let’s face it, she’s only still in office because no one else wants to be blamed for the imminent cluster fuck that is Brexit. I would very much like to see Jez win the next election, then wen he retires, a woman Labour PM would be very nice. I’m pretty sure that fat old satsuma in the White House wouldn’t get away with his hate-filled, racist, misogyny.

Cut a little swathe and lead the people on

The Panama papers have morphed into the Paradise papers, just when the snowball of the Westminster sex scandal was about to threaten the slim Tory majority. Look, the queen dislikes poor people… seriously? Put something on the news we didn’t know. Tax avoidance is legal, these loopholes allow accountants to get the best deal they can for their clients. It’s up to governments to close the holes and ensure big earners who use our infrastructure, pay their share for its upkeep. At a time when we have failing and chronically under-funded public services, we need their contribution more than ever.

As much as it boils my piss, it’s perfectly legal for the queen to invest in a company that preys on low income families with poor credit histories. Vile fucking carpet bagger that she is, cap in hand to the fawning tories for three hundred million to renovate their palace, while the most needy in our society pay obscene interest rates for a new telly. Now, I know there’s an argument that says “if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it”, but can you really say it’s a rule you have stuck to all your life? I know I haven’t… you make mistakes when you’re young and foolish, we all have… as you get older you realise you can’t do it… well most of us do anyway. Brighthouse, and Crazy George before them, tap into a huge market of instant gratification, can’t be arsed saving for it mentality. Not a coincidence that it was Thatcher who created that philosophy thirty years ago.

I personally don’t think the sex scandal will go away, but a few days of misdirection might help our hapless leader find an angle, create a little breathing space, blackmail a few ministers, schmooze a couple of editors, write a script for Laura Kuenssberg, deflect some of the shitstorm on the other parties… it’s a long shot, but it just might work. Oh, and it wouldn’t harm the cause if Boris put his foot in it with Iranians again… have we got a scapegoat anywhere? Well, there’s a woman in jail….

I’m not falling for their shenanigans.

Come with me, and you’ll see…

Brexit. Pissed off with it, right? Well it’s not going away, and every day we move further away from what the tories promised. I actually have no fucking sympathy for anyone who believed Johnson, Gove, the daily fail, or any of the little Englanders that lined up behind Nigel fucking Farage.

Let’s start with Daniel Hannan, MEP, who actually said, on Chanel 4 news, that curries would be better after Brexit. Oh well, fuck it then, I’ll take years of poverty and struggle if the curries are going to be better…. Oh wait, I won’t have any money to buy one…

May has said there should have been more debate during the election… maybe there would have been a bit more if she’d fucking turned up and had a go. She also said the tories weren’t ready for a snap election…. Remind me again who called it?

Two days in and I need a category called “you couldn’t make this shit up”.

I’m still checking the veracity of the Trump champions league tweet.

Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer..

So, Jez smashed a ninety minute speech, got a standing ovation at both ends, and managed to have a dig at the Daily Fail. Job done? Well, there was something that didn’t ring quite true, as much as I love the guy, I did detect a hint of spin when he said the centre had moved left, like some political version of the pole moving… it sounded like uncharacteristic hubris. Politics has definitely shifted, but as a result of another shift to the right. The current Tory government are about as right as you can get without wearing jack boots and constructing concentration camps. German right wingers have 98 seats in the Bundestag after this week’s election. Farage, Le Pen, and Wilders are all attempting to break up Europe and take us back to the good old days of war and famine. The centre has had to move to the left to counteract this facist swing. At the heart of this is Brexit, Tory lies and a divided, dithering Labour Party, who, along with the tories, didn’t think for one minute the good old British public would vote to leave.

Also, there was no where near enough gusto in the rendition of the red flag.