Why do I give valuable time

So, the new Tory vice chairman for youth in the second eugenics gaff in a week. It was a few years ago when he wrote that benefits claimants should have vasectomies. He’s sorry for writing it, not sorry for holding those beliefs. He’s not sorry that it’s his party that is responsible for vast swathes of lay offs from public sector cuts, not to mention the decimation of the coal and steel industries in the 80s.

Apart from the fact that removing the rights of poor people is abhorrent, his plan is ill thought out. If you plan to stop poor people from breeding, vasectomies really isn’t the way to go. What would stop an unemployed woman getting pregnant by someone with a job? What happens when the sterilised bloke gets a job? An NHS funded reversal?

As usual, Tories can’t even do Nazi properly, they fuck everything up.

If you’re going to ensure the feckless hoard don’t procreate, first you have to put them in ghettos, keep them all together so you can lace their water supply with contraceptives, make sure they don’t have access to any cash, feed them from government shops, put their existing offspring in special schools so the parents can be put to work for the food stamps you give them. Cut the electric off at 10pm, they’ll need the sleep so they can clean up dog shit, do the gardens of the old people who fought in wars so they could sit on their arses and watch Jeremy Kyle, clean graffiti, or work on the government farms that grow food for ex service people, or run errands for people with jobs.

You would respect the tories more if they just said “I’m not sorry, I hate poor people and want to control them”

Carry on.

I smelt the last ten seconds of life

It doesn’t matter who or what is responsible, you can blame the Russians, you can cite anti globalisation, or just a kind of world wide entropy…. But everything seems to be fracturing. Europe looks set to break up, the US is divided, large organisations are crumbling. The latest shit storm with Carillion shows a trend away from a conglomerate structure. Carillion blacklisted trade unionists, ran up a £600m pension deficit, gave money to the tories in return for billions in contracts, all the while the company was in free fall. Now they’re asking for private debt to be offloaded onto us, just like the banks did. How many years of austerity to ensure Carillion execs don’t become poor? A Tory party who find it acceptable that people die because of cancelled operations, sick and dying treated in corridors, social care put against the wall, bed blocking, post code lotteries for certain drugs and cancer treatment…. All acceptable under austerity, no money in the budget for the NHS, after promising £350m a week. But Carillion will get bailed out otherwise twenty thousand people will be on the dole. Does anyone really think a bail out will protect ordinary workers? There will be mass lay-offs, people will retire with nothing in their pension, and the company will be broken up, Tory ministers will get non exec roles, and the media will promote austerity and blame previous labour governments.

Don’t look at that, what about this shiny thing? Look we banned credit card charges (it was the EU) oh look, a royal wedding… we got rid of the homeless soldiers so it looks nice. Don’t have a go at us, let’s get John Humphries, he hates women.. boooo (he’s 74 and fucking well entitled to an opinion, even if it isn’t popular) let’s all laugh at Trump, he’s orange and stupid. Look at the UKIP leader’s partner she’s racist… (well there’s a fucking surprise).

Move along, nothing to see here.

You may say I’m a dreamer…

Right, you may have to give your third eye a polish for this one. A slightly higher level of consciousness may help you to see this as evolution and not condemnation.

I look forward to a future where belief in a god is treated as a mental illness, similar to thinking you’re Napoleon, or wearing a foil hat because you think “they’re” coming to get you. It’s a delusion just the same as any fairy story, no basis in fact, no empirical evidence, not a single tangible, corroborated sighting of the grey haired old man in the sky. There is equal evidence for the existence of Santa and the Loch Ness Monster.

Religion is preventing us from evolving, it stifles free thinking, it abhors science as its nemesis, promotes hate by condoning conflict on its behalf, condemns people to death from disease by forbidding contraception, which in turn promotes famine by expanding populations. All the while, sitting on huge reserves of cash and priceless relics, which could be used to help the poor.

As a species we use supernatural excuses to justify our deeds, murder, rape, theft… pretty much every one of the commandments that Moses was alleged to have received from God. We use the same crutch to exonerate us of all manner of inhuman and immoral acts against our own kind, all we have to do is ask forgiveness…. How very convenient.

We use false promises of everlasting joy after we die to drive the gullible to carry out our hatred on others, and to keep everyone else in line, with the promise of a fiery pit of torture and agony if we stray from the path.

If those religious leaders actually believed their own stories they would be queueing up to end their own lives in order to go to this paradise.

There is no such place, it’s a Stone Age story used to explain what we didn’t understand. It should be consigned to history along with flint arrows and stone circles. Rid ourselves of the yoke of organised hate, realise we are all the same species, there is no race, there are no borders, no flags, and no heaven. Only us, and a future where not one single person is better or worse than any other.

In the words of the great Bill Hicks… “then, we can then explore space, both inner and outer, in peace, forever”.

Happy New Year!

What induces us to stay here?

A month off. Well, a month off blogging. I dislike Christmas at home, we’re usually somewhere hot and sunny. It’s our reward to ourselves for working hard all year and having to put up with the whole fucking thing starting in September. I feel cheated.

No resolutions or “new me” bollocks. Let’s just see what happens.

First order of business is to get some work, get some cash and have that holiday. I also have some stuff to write about, mostly stuff that has pissed me off, or made me go “hmmm”.

I also need to give up Facebook, it really does piss me off.

Stirring my brandy with a nail

Get ready for tax dodging millionaires to bully you into giving money for children… children the government should be looking after. In twenty first century Britain we have kids going hungry, but the government, instead of carrying out their duty, cut funding to public services even more.

The whole fucking charade is televised by a corporation that turned a blind eye to rampant paedophillia for decades.

Lastly through a hogshead of real fire

Television has an innate ability to wind me up, with the exception of less than a handful of programs, most of it boils my piss. But… Blue Planet 2 makes it all worthwhile. It’s outstanding, it’s entertaining, educational, stunningly beautiful, and expertly narrated. Sir David Attenborough has probably taught me more than any other person, and he still manages to enthral after all these years. A TV program that I look forward to… who’d have thunk it?

George Lucas has sold my childhood, they’re selling fucking razors…. like a Jedi has to shave, they just decide not to grow a beard until they become a hermit…. soulless, greedy fucking mouse… ruiners of everything, sucking Satan’s cock for just another dollar…

I’m done, if you think I’m paying to see your shit movie you can think again, I’m going to steal a shit cam version, then I’m going to steal a slightly better one, and keep stealing it till I get the 4k, editor’s cut, 20th anniversary edition…. you fucks!

The media are all teary-eyed about Italy not qualifying for the WC. They’ve bored everyone into submission for years, they weren’t good enough to qualify so they won’t be a “big miss” to the tournament. You’ll forgive me if I don’t have any sympathy for multi millionaires crying on telly.

And kill processed fish

So, we’ve apparently got world kindness day coming up… do we really have to have a day to be nice to people? Does it also mean we can be a cunt to everyone for the other 363 days? It’s a sign of the times when someone saving a dog, or a few ducklings, goes viral on Facebook. How about this… we all just be nice to other people, it costs nothing and it makes you feel good.

Carry on.

Too marvelous for words…

Ring ring…. Ring ri…


Tommy, it’s Simon.

Hello mate, what’s up?

Can you sing the song for us?

You’re fucking kidding? Once or twice a season’s ok, but every fucking week? You’re taking liberties.



Tommy? Tommy?

Oh well… Ohhh I’ve never felt more like singing the blues…..

Eligible for parole come Valentine’s day.

This whole “four-month-Christmas” bollocks is seriously pissing me off. Yes, this is a “things were better in my day” post. But they were… Halloween was a non-event, we were all too busy collecting wood for our bonfires. We were too busy making a Guy Fawkes and sitting it outside the local pub so we get the piss-cans (drunken gentlemen) to give us a penny for the Guy, then we could use that cash to buy some fireworks. Halloween was an American thing, we didn’t get it.

Next was Remembrance Sunday. If you were in the Boys brigade, or the cadets, then you marched on remembrance Sunday, stood at the cenotaph, put your poppy on the leaf sodden ground, bowed your head and remembered, looked at the old soldiers and wondered what they’d seen. Then, around the same time, there was the Royal Festival of Remembrance.

After that, the odd TV ad for Cointreau and Milk Tray started, maybe a new Campari ad with Lorraine Chase. What we didn’t get were Christmas decorations, they didn’t start till well into December, and in our house, the week before Christmas. The shops started to get a bit Christmassy a couple of weeks before, just as we were getting ready to finish school for two weeks.

This restraint made it special, its not special when Morrison’s have a fucking tree up in September. A third of the year is now given over to buying stuff for one fucking day. It’s preposterous, it’s unnecessary, and it’s fucking annoying.

I know modern life is amazing, but some traditions are worth keeping… can we go back please?