1966: Born, watched England win the world cup, on dad’s knee
1967: Slept, ate, crapped, cried and slept some more
1968: Gurgled as City won the championship
1969: Slept through City’s FA cup final win, (dad was at Wembley)
1970: City win in Europe, I didn’t understand
1971: Fell in the sea at Ilfracombe, nearly drowned
1972: Discovered the joys of music, mostly Slade
1973: Met Tracy, listened to Motown, watched Banana splits
1974: Wore sandals and sucked Mambos and ate curlywurlies
1975: King Herod in the school nativity, (poster paint beard)
1976: Hottest summer ever! and Tueart’s overhead kick at Wembley
1977: Started senior school, and played on building sites
1978: Started going to Maine road regularly. Blondie and Police
1979: Left the country for the first time, school trip to France
1980: First solo away match, Stoke in the league cup
1981: Ricky Villa broke my heart
1982: Left school, went to college, wore burgundy
1983: Left college, got married, found job, became a dad
1984: Got a different job, hated it instantly, passed driving test
1985: Went to Wembley, last time I stood on a terrace with my dad
1986: Another in a long line of crap cars bites the dust (Marina)
1987: 21st birthday, got my first cd player, our house got burgled
1988: Left shitty job after four years of hell, more crap cars
1989: A succession of part time and dead end jobs
1990: Got a new job in the chemical industry, James and REM
1991: Overtime, pot, booze, football and a freaky camping trip
1992: Bit hazy this one, must have been all that pot
1993: Overtime, gardening, decorating, what the fuck was I thinking?
1994: Went to Tunisia and got our first decent car, Kippax gone
1995: Moved to Cumbria and my new job, mmmm fresh air
1996: Played football with the tax dodger, lost
1997: No football, tax dodger listening to manics and being moody
1998: Went to Germany, discovered Apfelkorn
1999: Open university and stealing music
2000: My web site made it’s debut on the www
2001: The tax dodger left home for university
2002: New house, new car, road trips
2003: Tracy opened a shop, Lock and Load
2004: Redundancy and discovered Mexico
2005: Pyramids climbed, new job way outside comfort zone
2006: Finally, a job I love
2007: Teaching and learning and travel.. heaven
2009: Started my own company.
2010: Funeral, court case and Cuban cigars
2011: Working away, saved our arses, cocktails
2012: Liverpool, Birmingham and the purple palace
2013: 30th anniversary, Mexico 4 times
2014: Wrote my second book, even sold a few
2015: Back home and a new contract and Huxley
2016: 50, fifty! Seriously? German/Egyptian weirdness
2017: Another new direction