I smelt the last ten seconds of life

It doesn’t matter who or what is responsible, you can blame the Russians, you can cite anti globalisation, or just a kind of world wide entropy…. But everything seems to be fracturing. Europe looks set to break up, the US is divided, large organisations are crumbling. The latest shit storm with Carillion shows a trend away from a conglomerate structure. Carillion blacklisted trade unionists, ran up a £600m pension deficit, gave money to the tories in return for billions in contracts, all the while the company was in free fall. Now they’re asking for private debt to be offloaded onto us, just like the banks did. How many years of austerity to ensure Carillion execs don’t become poor? A Tory party who find it acceptable that people die because of cancelled operations, sick and dying treated in corridors, social care put against the wall, bed blocking, post code lotteries for certain drugs and cancer treatment…. All acceptable under austerity, no money in the budget for the NHS, after promising £350m a week. But Carillion will get bailed out otherwise twenty thousand people will be on the dole. Does anyone really think a bail out will protect ordinary workers? There will be mass lay-offs, people will retire with nothing in their pension, and the company will be broken up, Tory ministers will get non exec roles, and the media will promote austerity and blame previous labour governments.

Don’t look at that, what about this shiny thing? Look we banned credit card charges (it was the EU) oh look, a royal wedding… we got rid of the homeless soldiers so it looks nice. Don’t have a go at us, let’s get John Humphries, he hates women.. boooo (he’s 74 and fucking well entitled to an opinion, even if it isn’t popular) let’s all laugh at Trump, he’s orange and stupid. Look at the UKIP leader’s partner she’s racist… (well there’s a fucking surprise).

Move along, nothing to see here.

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