Cut a little swathe and lead the people on

The Panama papers have morphed into the Paradise papers, just when the snowball of the Westminster sex scandal was about to threaten the slim Tory majority. Look, the queen dislikes poor people… seriously? Put something on the news we didn’t know. Tax avoidance is legal, these loopholes allow accountants to get the best deal they can for their clients. It’s up to governments to close the holes and ensure big earners who use our infrastructure, pay their share for its upkeep. At a time when we have failing and chronically under-funded public services, we need their contribution more than ever.

As much as it boils my piss, it’s perfectly legal for the queen to invest in a company that preys on low income families with poor credit histories. Vile fucking carpet bagger that she is, cap in hand to the fawning tories for three hundred million to renovate their palace, while the most needy in our society pay obscene interest rates for a new telly. Now, I know there’s an argument that says “if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it”, but can you really say it’s a rule you have stuck to all your life? I know I haven’t… you make mistakes when you’re young and foolish, we all have… as you get older you realise you can’t do it… well most of us do anyway. Brighthouse, and Crazy George before them, tap into a huge market of instant gratification, can’t be arsed saving for it mentality. Not a coincidence that it was Thatcher who created that philosophy thirty years ago.

I personally don’t think the sex scandal will go away, but a few days of misdirection might help our hapless leader find an angle, create a little breathing space, blackmail a few ministers, schmooze a couple of editors, write a script for Laura Kuenssberg, deflect some of the shitstorm on the other parties… it’s a long shot, but it just might work. Oh, and it wouldn’t harm the cause if Boris put his foot in it with Iranians again… have we got a scapegoat anywhere? Well, there’s a woman in jail….

I’m not falling for their shenanigans.

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