Take a drink from his special cup

This may well sound a little heartless, but all these gambling addicts that are blaming the bookies need to have a fucking word with themselves. It’s not the bookies fault, it’s yours… take some fucking responsibility for your actions, no one made you spend your money, why the fuck should the bookies be punished, why should responsible gamblers be reigned in?

This sort of pandering is on a par with the fucking sugar tax and the fizzy pop embargo… a woman was refused a bottle of wine in Tesco because she had her seventeen year old daughter with her. What does the future hold down this path?

“I’m sorry mate I can’t serve you with that pasty, you look a bit chubby… unless your gym app says you did forty minutes exercise yesterday you’re going to have to settle for this Apple”

The fucking nanny state boils my piss.

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