Need me a triple shot of that juice

Jesus tapdancing Christ, minimum pricing for alcohol is back. C4 news interviewed a homeless guy and asked him “what has alcohol done to you” it sounded like a mugging. We have free choice, it’s the same with the fucking ridiculous sugar tax… it won’t work, it punishes poor people and it will not reduce binge drinking. It’s time we started facing the real issues, the root causes. People choose to drink, gamble, get fat on their own, they may have their own reasons but no one forced them to do it.

Brexit and Remembrance Sunday. Anyone who voted to leave the EU, and then wears a poppy, or posts some remembrance related imagery on social media, needs to have a fucking word with themselves. It’s either complete ignorance or an utter fucking disregard for the truth, or more likely, an act of virtue signalling to align themselves with the in group…. How can anyone glorify the very people who’s graves they pissed on with their vote to leave?

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