Better than a cup of gold

A few weeks ago we were in Newcastle and happened to wander into Fenwick’s, a proper old school department store. I was looking for a shirt and decided against a Vivian Westwood because it made me look like a twat. We found ourselves in the food hall, I bought a pie and some bread and a few other bits and bobs… then I spotted some Charbonelle and Walker chocolates, Rose and violet creams. They’re MLSOH’s favourites, so we added them to the basket and went home.

When we opened them they looked like they’d been in there for about 5 years, manky looking with a pale bloom. I emailed photos to Fenwick’s and C&W. Fenwick’s completely ignored me, but C&W emailed back and said they would send us some new ones. After a couple of weeks without a delivery I emailed them again, they said they had sent them, but they would send some more. The second lot arrived just as our next door neighbour brought round the little red card from the first lot, it had got mixed up in his mail. I emailed C&W and told them, offering to pay for the second box. They replied that it was fine and we should enjoy them with their compliments.

I suppose that was a long winded way of saying there is still some good customer service out there, Charbonelle and Walker excelled, Fenwick’s fucked it right up… and people wonder why department stores are a dying breed.


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