We should take a bus to somewhere else

News reports of yet another mass shooting in America brings up all sorts of thoughts and emotions. The usual platitudes seem to have very little meaning when it’s every few weeks. The way the news reports these things seem ineffectual. “People are shocked” really? A country that voted to allow the mentally ill to own guns is shocked by the 274th multiple shooting in the last 275 days. I would have been shocked on that one day that didn’t have one. Things won’t change because the ideology will never change. A country that didn’t do anything after Sandy Hook will do nothing, and it doesn’t matter how loudly they shout, the NRA pay people to shout louder. The tangerine cunt puffin currently pretending to be president will read poorly from a teleprompt, but in the face of damning statistics, will make it easier and easier to get a gun. Arming the good guys. It worked in The man who shot Liberty Valance, but life isn’t Hollywood.

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