A crowd of people stood and stared

Radio two is fifty today, and to commemorate this the BBC went out on to the streets to make some young people look stupid. They asked them to tune a radio, and all but one couldn’t do it. Not surprising really, no one uses them any more. It’s ok though, it’s not like they were asking them to go and get a long stand or a bucket of steam… that’s bullying. The real comedy value is when you think these young people will be running our country when we’re on our last legs. Yeah, not that funny is it? Anyway, all this nonsense brought back a memory of lying in bed trying to tune in radio Luxembourg for Beatles hour, then listening to it gently fade in and out whilst listening to songs I already had on vinyl. It somehow seemed illicit, and someone else’s play list is always more interesting.

Sergio Aguero had an accident in a taxi after watching a concert. He broke a rib and will be out for a few weeks. This prompted Richard Keys (hairy ex Sky presenter) to comment that if it had been Wayne Rooney the reaction would have been different. So, a man who fucked his daughter’s friend, while his wife had cancer, takes the moral high ground.

Finally, who the fuck is Henry Bolton? Do we finally have a Ukip leader who knows where he lives? Will he last long enough for us to get to know what flavour of racist he is? Is he actually Nigel Farage in disguise? All these questions and more will be answered… maybe.

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