Come with me, and you’ll see…

Brexit. Pissed off with it, right? Well it’s not going away, and every day we move further away from what the tories promised. I actually have no fucking sympathy for anyone who believed Johnson, Gove, the daily fail, or any of the little Englanders that lined up behind Nigel fucking Farage.

Let’s start with Daniel Hannan, MEP, who actually said, on Chanel 4 news, that curries would be better after Brexit. Oh well, fuck it then, I’ll take years of poverty and struggle if the curries are going to be better…. Oh wait, I won’t have any money to buy one…

May has said there should have been more debate during the election… maybe there would have been a bit more if she’d fucking turned up and had a go. She also said the tories weren’t ready for a snap election…. Remind me again who called it?

Two days in and I need a category called “you couldn’t make this shit up”.

I’m still checking the veracity of the Trump champions league tweet.

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