Sweet Loretta Martin…

Right, why am I back doing this after a ten year break? Social media was, and still is I suppose, great. It is, but it’s changed. I still enjoy twitter, but it’s so instant.. I could sit on it all day and still not keep up, it’s fucking tiring, and posts have to be right now, or you’ve missed the moment. Facebook has turned into an arena of veiled cyber bullying, re-hashed twitter content for those that missed their moment, or just plain old vacuous shite… oh, and then there’s the needy “I’ve had a shit day” posts that beg for ((((hugs)))). I’m sure people read my insanely long political rants with the same simmering hatred, mumbling under their breath “why don’t you just get a fucking blog?”

I have, it’s new and it’s here. Bluetealeaf is still there to be read, the comments are long gone with the demise of yaccs, but all the old bollocks is still in black and white, a simpler time, when we thought GWB was about the worst it could get… I still have things to say, ideas to evolve, lots of piss to boil, and there are plenty of people still need telling to fuck off.

I’m sticking with “lyrics as post titles” theme, it gives another angle, something to think about. No fancy shit this time, it’s about the writing and the discussion.

Anyway, Trump and Brexit alone should keep this going ‘till 2020.

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