001: Blue is my favourite colour.
002: I prefer savoury to sweet.
003: Dentists and moths terrify me.
004: I’m a caffein addict.
005: I was born in Lancashire.
006: I love music.
007: And poetry.
008: I was born in the year of the horse.
009: I think astrology is nonsense.
010: I was a father at seventeen.
011: I don’t like catharsis, I’m English.
012: I am an atheist.
12a: But I’m superstitious.
014: I can use chopsticks.
015: Chess is my favourite game.
016: I solved the knights tour.
017: I feel very lucky.
018: To be married to my soul mate.
019: I don’t have a lucky number.
020: I’m five foot six.
021: I enjoy writing.
022: I am deeply suspicious of politicians.
023: I wish my passport said I was an artist.
024: Untidiness freaks me a out.
025: I hate the smell of oranges.
026: I think laterally.
027: I believe death is the end.
028: I think moustaches are strange.
029: Autumn used to be my favourite season.
030: But now it’s summer.
031: Books are better than films.
032: People who eat with their mouth open disgust me.
033: I don’t like taking pills.
034: Smokers smell bad.
035: Being drunk makes my lips feel fat.
036: I don’t work shifts anymore.
037: Sometimes I feel an affinity with ancient things.
038: I’m naive enough to think world peace is achievable.
039: But synical enough to believe in conspiracy theories.
040: An Old Fashioned and a cigar relax me.
041: I thought this would be easy.
042: I haven’t forgot where I’m from.
043: I have no idea where I will end up.
044: But I intend to enjoy the journey.
045: I cannot belch.
046: I tend to over analyse things.
047: I have a very good long term memory.
048: My feet don’t smell.
049: My sense of direction is excellent.
050: I’ve been to Africa.
051: I enjoy wild goose chases.
052: Watching big storms is exciting.
053: I live by the sea.
054: Laughter is the best medicine.
055: I stopped wearing a watch on my 40th birthday.
056: The universe makes me feel insignificant.
057: I have an involuntary muscle spasm in my eyelid.
058: My date of birth in hexadecimal is 38316.
059: I like Banana milkshakes.
060: I’ve made ends meet.
061: My dreams are sometimes plagued by rabbits.
062: Or multi-story car parks.
063: My favourite smell is mimosa.
064: I would like to live abroad.
065: I have no heroes.
066: I like seafood.
067: Mediocre television makes me angry.
068: I like rollercoasters.
069: I want jam tomorrow.
070: City are in my blood.
071: I love driving.
072: I like lying in bed listening to the rain on my window.
073: I prefer dogs to cats.
074: Pigeons remind me feathered rats.
075: Sprouts are my favourite vegetable.
076: I have found no useful purpose for cushions.
077: I don’t like wearing a coat.
078: I can make trifle.
079: Profanity is alright by me.
080: I’m optimistic.
081: With occasional bouts of pessimism.
082: My favourite artist is Salvador Dali.
083: I like my boiled eggs with a soft yolk.
084: When everything goes pear-shaped I learn a lot.
085: I like James Stewart.
086: And Maurene O’ Hara.
087: I am a socialist at heart.
088: With dreams that have a libertarian slant.
089: My ideal job would be a journalist.
090: I like singing to myself.
091: I can’t sing.
092: It’s usually me that ate all the pies.
093: The first record I bought was “Sorrow” by David Bowie.
094: I like a hot bath.
095: And a cold bed.
096: I now have more CDs than vinyl.
097: Wizball on C64 is my favourite computer game.
098: My favourite poet is Ogden Nash.
099: I like gadgets.
100: I hate DIY.